BloxLeader was an account from 2010, he was an good developer.

2011 Roblox added the orange anouncment sign, and builderclub was added, everyone was so hyped.

But then, 1 April 2012 the return of Minish and Dignity also known as the 2012 hackers.

but what does that has to do with the BloxLeader you might ask.

Well 2012 BloxLeader changed, he joined weird groups like "THE 2012 HACKERS" and stuff, for some reason he always got high ranks on this groups.

3 April 2012 Minish got terminated, and his banned account could be found in BloxLeaders friends list.

13 April 2012 he made a weird message on his profile page saying " My friends will return."

1 June 2012 BloxLeaders got catched many times exploiting, and changing the orange announcement textes to "My friends will return" 

5 June 2012 Roblox removed the orange announcement line.

9 June 2012 BloxLeader got terminated, and never heard of him again.

4/26/2019 BIoxLeader returned, who knows what happen next?

Profile BIoxLeader:

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